Strengthening the Change Management as implemented

In every change there is an end result.  Business
organizations do not just create changes for the heck
of making one.  They feel that change is necessary and
that change will yield better results from what the
results are paying off currently.  Management always
expects to get better opportunities and at the same
time maintain the quality of its performance to its
clients and employees as well. 

At the end of the journey is the achievement of one’s
goal. Business organization upon reaching to conclusion
on the the implementation of change should carefully
assess and monitor results of the change from time to
time.  If needed, it is best that it should be updated. 
A change request becomes necessary to be used to
communicate the change as to its results whether
good or bad.  Span of control on the change should
also be established.  There should be gauge on when
change management needs to be strengthened.  The
change management process conclusion being the final
phase in the strategic implementation of change should
require a thorough evaluation and readjustment of focus
 in the measurement of results and the planning for the

Along with careful controls to remain on the
"critical path", there should be an  assurance that change
are carried out along the line as planned.  At the
conclusion stage, the change leader may get several
viewpoints from others and it is the change leader task
to anticipate actions and reactions.  The change leader
should understand that individuals change viewpoints
when new information are obtained and evaluated. 
The change management process conclusion is not the
end but one that ignites the start of a new change.

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