Studying the Syllabus for the SCJP exam

Just like in regular course, an IT certification program has a program syllabus that outline or summarizes the topics to be covered.  It is a set of exam board prepared and is provided beforehand to individuals to have an understanding of what is covered in the program.  A schedule of test dates and deadline for assignments are defined and the grading policy or passing marks required for the course.

Experienced Java programmers prepare the SCJP syllabus.  The syllabus for the exam is organized in terms of objectives.  Each of these objectives is given a skills test at the end of the topic.  To become a SCJP is to be able to find a good book that will explicitly cover the exam. The book to be acquired should be the type of examination that you intend to take as there are several versions of Sun Certified Programmer Exams.

Some of the topics that you should look over in considering a program syllabus for SCJP are:

1.  Java Service Wrapper 2.  Hash codes and equal codes 3.  Java Collection Framework 4.  Regular expressions 5.  Locale class 6.  Text class 7.  Serializing streams 8.  Generic collection 9.  Generic method parameters 10. Input/output classes 11.  For-each looping 12.  Locales (dates and currencies) 13.  Enums 14.  Auto boxing 15.  OO concepts (coupling and cohesion) 16.  Jar files 17.  Sorting and searching collections 18.  Covariant returns 19.  Java Bean naming

It pays to be prepared and be updated before the examination.  Pass the exam and be certified.

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