Sun Certified Java Programmer Questions on Multithreading

Sun Certified Java Programmer Questions on Multithreading: The Hard One

In every examination there is always the hard part. In fact, certification examinations are no different from normal examinations answered by students of all levels. It is said by many that the difficult part of a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) is the Multithreading, where the examinees are expected to understand and know its different levels. And however difficult it is, it will still be a part of the SCJP 1.4. Future examinees should be very wary of this part of the examinations. It is not only difficult, but also tricky. More and more SCJP tutorial centers lecture and remind their enrollees that the Multithreading part should be expected. One of the common questions that will surely arise in the examination concerns the different ways in which a Java programmer/user may to construct a thread with the use of a Java program. To pass all these, the examinees must have a good understanding in the act of synchronization. There are many methods in which a programmer/user may use in this approach to multithreading. Some of the usual questions in this subject will be about: 1. What is Threading? 2. What is Multithreading? 3. Or how does a Multithreading occur in a single Computer? Now the examinees need to be very familiar with the ins and outs of the functionality of the different methods in Multithreading. These methods can create many different types of multithreaded applications and this is where the word difficult comes in. And throughout the examination, the examinees should be prepared to deliver and state Java code-based answers to ensure a good passing grade in the examinations.

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