Sun Certified Java Programmer(SCJP)

Sun Certified Java Programmer: The Certification for Java Programs

In this current world of ours most programming companies are creating and establishing more and more examinations for their certifications. These certifications are very essential if a programmer wants to excel in his profession. One of these programs is the Java Program. Now, one the world’s leading programming companies, Sun Microsystems, which brought out the Java Programming Language and the Solaris Operating System, created one such examination, where passing it entails the giving of certification to the passer. And this is not the only or first ever examination launched by Sun Microsystems. In fact, this is the newest of the bunch. This new certification is referred to as the Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA) concentrates also in the basic knowledge of programming and the UML. Also, the examination is also based on the essentials of the Java Programming Language and platform of use, so whenever a person is presented with the certificate, his future customers would be rest assured in his credibility and talent as Java Programmer. Furthermore, this certification is targeted for use of people who are new to the programming language. For example, the newcomers, who are not well versed in more complex programming languages, can avail of this certification. These Java newcomers can be as such; project managers, students, or developers for whom Java is not a primary requirement in their programming languages. These new waves of certification being implemented by the programming companies are deemed to ensure the maintenance of the quality in service by the programming professionals. It is more than needed. It is required as the only way for the customers to know the capabilities of their programmers is through these certificates.

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