Surprising Revelations About Six Sigma Salaries

Have you ever wondered how much a six sigma salary can benefit your life? Putting it simply, a six sigma salary is a very attractive thing that makes so many people committed in their quest to become experts in such a highly competitive field. A lot of research companies out there do many surveys regarding six sigma compensation, and according the them the findings are very good. In one independent research group, they report that more than fifteen percent of their survey respondents possess some sort of title in six sigma. From green belts, to black belts all the way to master black belts, their survey shows that people go for the titles because as it turns out, companies that use the six sigma program have more rewards for their employees who possess a six sigma certification. Ergo, the higher the belt level you have, the higher the compensation you will get.

Other reports also reveal that out of respondents that do have a six sigma belt and are certified in the six sigma program, fifty percent currently hold a green belt. The average salary for these green belt-wearing processionals run up to a whopping seventy thousand and five hundred thirty three dollars ($70,533). Thirty five percent of the respondents are currently black belts, and this group earn a little more than the green belts with their salary averaging at around seventy six thousand two hundred and thirty three ($76,233). As for the remaining nine percent, master black belts enjoy a beautifully well-compensated life as they continue to receive an average of around ninety-nine thousand four hundred forty two dollars ($99,442).

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