Survey on IT Governance

The concept of having a survey regarding Information Technology Governance is to measure its benefits and determine its effectiveness in an organization since some do not have a complete view of its dimensions. The findings show that the IT governance is usually run by the management on the top. The advantages if IT governance is not completely measured and some organizations find it so hard to quantify its benefits. The survey states that the alignment of IT is the driver that is rated the highest. Most of the respondents addressed the importance of the alignment of information technology to be able to bring sustainable results and It governance is one best solution to achieve this kind of result. Also, one of the studies done found that IT governance is not properly managed thus making the benefits desired not defined and eventually not measured properly. This makes it harder to gain the acceptance it must have for the required changes to have better practices in IT governance.

The measurement of the performance of the practices for information technology governance is done with the use of performance indicators. Some studies show that many of the arrangements for outsourcing do not have the correct considerations for IT governance. The conclusion of the survey says that Information Technology is important in bringing up the vision and the strategy of an organization. There exists a significant difference between the various sectors in a particular industry. The use of IT governance helps organizations prioritize the problems related to IT thus removing IT outsourcing as measure that is most effective when it comes to IT problems.

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