System Information and MIS

Many businesses today rely heavily on information technology for their day to day
smooth operations.  Everything from the computation of employee payrolls to the
recording and tracking of customer transactions are now managed mostly by computers.  This is mostly done by the Management Information Systems or MIS. 

MIS is very different from System Information because the latter refers to the components and
devices installed in a computer.  System Information collects data from the installed
devices and can be used to diagnose computer issues as well as study the status of installed drivers. 

System information also stores data of all the device drivers installed
inside the computer so that users are better able to understand and monitor the updates of
the drivers and can even replace the original old driver if the newly installed one does not
function correctly. 

System information can also be used to restore a computer’s original
functioning state via the System Restore tool.

With MIS, however, system information is just a very small part of its overall function of
helping the business in its decision making.  Information management plays a critical role
in MIS because it assists in the automation process and removes human intervention
whenever possible.  The operational activities of the organization are analyzed and business problems in the procedures and processes are eventually solved. 

MIS helps the business by collecting, storing, processing, retrieving and distributing data in a usable
form of information so that management is able to make a clear and decisive action. System information and Management Information Systems should not be confused nor should it be interchanged because they are completely independent of and different from each other.  Information system and system information are also sometimes interchanged.

It should always be remembered that with just a simple interchanging of words from
Management Information Systems to system information, a totally different form of
definition arises.

MIS assists in the decision process of the organization while system information assists only in the diagnosing of computer problems.

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