But, in order to prepare for this industrial revolution of I&O, the behavior of team members must be altered to reflect the new goals of simplified standardization. …To get industrialization right, I&O professionals can focus on 10 key steps that will ensure the necessary standardization, development, automation, and optimization of industrialized services: …It will be[…]

Continual Service Improvement Processes Service Measurement and Reporting Goal and objectives

To coordinate the design of metrics, data collection and reporting activities from the other processes and functions. There are four main reasons to monitor and measure: * Validate: Are we supporting the strategy and vision? * Direct: Based on factual data, people can be guided to change behavior * Justify: Do we have the right[…]

IT Governance

Governance relates to decisions that define expectations, grant power, or verify performance. It consists either of a separate process or of a specific part of management or leadership processes. In the case of a business or of a non-profit organization, governance relates to consistent management, cohesive policies, processes and decision-rights for a given area of[…]

Activities of Capacity Management

Capacity Management consists of these main activities: 1. Performance Monitoring – Measuring, monitoring, and tuning the performance of IT services and the individual infrastructure components 2. Demand Management – Short term reactive implementation of strategies considered within Service Strategy to manage current demand 3. Application Sizing – Determining the hardware or application capacity required to[…]

Principles of Capacity Management

The balancing act of Capacity Management In coordination with the processes of Financial Management and Demand Management, Capacity Management seeks to provide a continual optimal balance between supply against demand, and costs against resources needed. This optimum balance is only achieved both now and in the future by ensuring that Capacity Management is involved in[…]