Service Catalog Management Scope

The scope of this process is to provide and maintain accurate information on all services that are being transitioned or have been transitioned to the live environment. This includes such tasks as: * Definition of the service (what is being provided?) * Production and maintenance of accurate Service Catalog information * Development and maintenance of Read more about Service Catalog Management Scope[…]

Service Catalog Management Goal and objectives

The primary goal of Service Catalog Management is to ensure that a Service Catalog is produced, maintained and always contains accurate information on all operational services and those ready for deployment. Other objectives include: * To provide a single source of consistent information for communicating available services and their associated details, interfaces and dependencies * Read more about Service Catalog Management Goal and objectives[…]

Service Catalog Management

Imagine walking into a restaurant for lunch only to find there is no menu available for you to peruse. How will the staff provide you with information about what options are available to you? How will you know what ingredients and items are included with each meal? What will the price be of those meals? Read more about Service Catalog Management[…]