Application Management Lifecycle

Application Development processes should be implemented as part of a coordinated approach to IT Service Management, although in many cases this fails to happen. When the development of applications is not integrated with the rest of ITSM, it often leads to a breakdown in communication channels between developers and support staff, and ultimately releasing applications Read more about Application Management Lifecycle[…]

Service Desk Skills

Due to the role played by the Service Desk, staff members need to have (or have the ability to develop): * Communication Skills * Technical Skills * Business Understanding. The most important of these three is communication skills, as the primary role of the Service Desk is to provide a Single Point of Contact between Read more about Service Desk Skills[…]

The Service Desk Goal and objectives

Service Desk Process Kit–desk-process-kit-isbn-tk00225.html The well-crafted Service Desk Management Process Kit provides a wide variety of resources to boost your understanding and ability to implement Service Desk …   The primary goal of the Service Desk is to support the agreed IT service provision by ensuring the accessibility and availability of the IT-organization and by performing various supporting activities. Read more about The Service Desk Goal and objectives[…]