ITIL Training Helps The Abilities of Cloud Computing Service Providers

Whether you are an institution that’s already established your own public cloud, or are interested in forging your own private cloud (in order to become a vendor), you should know the perks associated with emblazoning your organization through ITIL.  Establishing a cloud (or cloud service) can be a somewhat daunting task, unless of course you[…]

How ITIL can illuminate the correct tools for creating a more unified Cloud model

How ITIL can illuminate the correct tools for creating a more unified Cloud model Would ITIL and Cloud Computing work hand in hand? While what’s been said about the importance of cloud services is certainly true (that they are the lifeblood of any cloud-based operation), credence should also be given to the tools that establish[…]

ITIL Helps To Forge Unity Among Cloud Computing Technologies

Not much attention has been paid toward the many very realistic ways in which ITIL can assist in unifying (and strengthening) certain cloud computing elements.  Regardless of how people might feel about ITIL, the fact remains that cloud computing is an evolving extension of the technologies inherent to its predecessor.  Likewise, it is this grid[…]

How ITIL is Contributing to Cloud Computing Trends

There’s absolutely no doubt about it, cloud computing has arrived and it isn’t going away any time soon.  However despite its growing popularity and use within IT, government, and across the world, cloud computing is lacking in several ways.  For example, cloud computing is lacking a standardized set of processes, methodologies, or systems for establishing,[…]

ITIL training is still confusing

ITIL training is still confusing In the past 12 months a lot of things have changed around the ITIL framework, the books, its certification scheme and training delivery in general. The ITIL V2-V3 Foundation Bridge exam stopped in January 2011 The ITIL V2-V3 Manager Bridge exam stopped on 30 June 2011 The ITIL 2011 edition[…]

How ITIL Intermediate Training Can Supplement Your Cloud Computing Career

IT professionals across the globe are hyped about cloud computing and the many (potential) changes that it is bringing to the (IT) industry and markets.   Cloud computing is really nothing more than a fierce attempt to reorganize computing / networking assets into more sensible, manageable, and economical forms; that is, when you take a closer[…]

How ITIL can help in maintaining low Cloud Computing costs

How ITIL can help in maintaining low Cloud Computing costs If you were to interview businesses who have successfully adopted cloud models “what their top three reasons for moving to the cloud were?” you would most likely find cost-effectiveness to be among them.  Perhaps this is because cloud computing is, by its very nature, a[…]

Cloud Computing and ITIL: more compatible than previously thought…?

Depending on who you talk to, cloud computing and ITIL are either perfect bedfellows or the odd couple.  Most of the alleged disparity between these two disciplines / technologies comes from the fact that they are stemming from entirely different areas of computing / networking.  For example, ITIL is generally applied to grid computing models,[…]

Can ITIL Assist in Cloud Computing Crisis Management?

When you strip away all the intricacies and esoteric information, ITIL is essentially a compendium of service lifecycle-bound solutions and recommendations.  While ITIL lacks a definitive guide which is capable of providing a standardized framework for establishing individual cloud computing infrastructures, it can still be utilized in other important ways. In the IT/ITIL lifecycle, crisis[…]

Adapting ITIL To Fit A Cloud Computing Service Model

ITIL has a great reputation among both IT professionals as well as business persons, and for good reason.  It is a representation of the hard work, knowledge, experience and research gathered from countless individuals (and groups).    By the same token, cloud computing is taking on new followers and devotees on a daily basis, once again[…]

What Does The Study of ITIL Intermediate Entail, And How Does This Serve ITSM in General?

ITIL and ITSM are not the same One of the more common misnomers that people often confront is the disparity between ITIL and ITSM; this is to say that the two items are often confused for one another in a sense.   Let’s clarify, shall we?  ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library; it is a[…]

All The Best (Customized) Training Options For ITIL Intermediate Are Right At Your Fingertips!

The benefits and perks of engaging in ITIL training and/or certification are many and have been widely explored by many involved in the IT career field.  ITIL training programs might be offered in standardized format(s), which more or less limits the options available to IT careerists who might be seeking this form of specialized training. […]

The ITL (Information Technology Laboratory) and NIST Rely on ITIL Training; What About You And Your Organization?

By now everyone within the professional IT community should be familiar with and instituting ITIL-related ideas and/or policies as part of their everyday duties.  Some of the most prestigious, and connected organizations are in fact utilizing ITIL to its fullest extent.  For those that aren’t particularly familiar with ITIL, you might be wondering why this[…]

ITIL Intermediate and COBIT: A Great Combination

When most ITIL devotees hear about COBIT (which stands for Control Objectives for IT) the tendency is for them to question why on Earth yet another governance system would be needed.  After all, doesn’t ITIL deal directly with virtually all governance issues in IT?  Though ITIL and COBIT are similar in their scope and duties[…]

Why You Should Be Looking for Certification in ITIL Intermediate

Familiarizing oneself with ITIL is beyond advisable if you’re one of the many IT professionals currently operating in the field (or soon to be), but attaining certification in it is still the best course of action.  Perhaps you’re sitting there pondering on what makes ITIL certification such an outstanding choice in terms of professional development? To[…]

ITIL Intermediate is Perfect for IT Professionals Interested in PMP Certification (Project Management Professional)

Of the many advanced certification options out there for professionals within the IT sector, PMP and ITIL should be high on your list.  Those who are already in management positions or hope / expect to attain such a rank will undoubtedly benefit the most from PMP certification.  However, while your average IT worker might not[…]

IT Professionals Benefit from The Art of Service Cloud Computing eLearning

IT Professionals Benefit from The Art of Service Cloud Computing eLearning The Art of Service has expanded its cloud computing educational programs, now offering eLearning modules that are perfect for the busy IT professionals. Many companies are in the process of outsourcing their cloud computing efforts, often to multiple IT professionals to handle different facets[…]

How ITIL Intermediate Helps to Produce Experts

Experts in any field are not produced quickly.  Creating a league of proficient individuals is a concerted effort on the part of many others.  Gradual progression, in terms of difficulty of learning materials presented, is arguably the best way to set up a system of aggregated learning which is capable of feeding higher levels of[…]

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FREE Download: ITIL Intermediate Training and Exams: 8 Questions answered

Intermediate – ITIL® 2011 – ITIL® – Certification Kits The Art of Service…/intermediate.html ITIL intermediate Training and ITIL Intermediate Exams explained … The Art of service ( offers accredited ITIL training and exam preparation. This instant view and free downloadable presentation gives insight in the ITIL Intermediate Programs and answers the following questions: How to find your way in ITIL certification? What to do[…]