Supplier Management Relationships with other Lifecycle Phases

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The information within the SCD will provide a complete set of reference information for all Supplier Management procedures and activities needed across the Service Lifecycle. Such activities include: Service Design * Evaluating which components of service provision should/could be provided … Continued

Supplier and Contact Database (SCD)

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All Supplier Management process activity should be driven by supplier strategy and policy. In order to achieve consistency and effectiveness in the implementation of the policy, a Supplier and Contract Database (SCD) should be established. Ideally the SCD should form … Continued

Supplier Management Goal and Objectives

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The primary goal of Supplier Management is to manage suppliers and the services they supply, to provide seamless quality of IT service to the business and ensure that value for money is obtained. Other objectives include the application of capabilities … Continued

Supplier Management

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“No man is an island”. This phrase comes from a longer quotation by John Donne (1572-1631). The general meaning is that human beings do not thrive when isolated from others; we are all connected and therefore events and changes affecting … Continued