Incident prioritization

An agreed prioritization matrix should be used to determine the appropriate timescales and effort applied for response and resolution to identified incidents. The general formula by which to calculate incident priority is: IMPACT + URGENCY = PRIORITY * Impact: Degree to which the user/business is affected by the incident(s) * Urgency: Degree to which the Read more about Incident prioritization[…]

Request Models

As many service requests are frequently recurring, predefined request models should be defined that document: * What activities are required to fulfill the request * The roles and responsibilities involved * Target timescales and escalation paths * Other policies or requirements that apply. Similar to Change Models, this will enable the IT department (and the Read more about Request Models[…]

Incident Models

The Service Monitoring and Control Toolkit The Service Monitoring and Control Toolkit is designed to observe the health of … Incident Management—the goal ofIncident Management is to restore normal … Incident Models provide a pre-defined set of steps and procedures that should be used to manage previously seen and documented incidents. They are used to help provide efficient resolution to the Read more about Incident Models[…]