Taking the ECDL Sample Test

In most cases, it feels better to have an idea of how things are done before heading for something that you have no idea.  Knowing how it is like to be in a situation would give you more confidence in handling matters.  Just like in taking the ECDL exam, you need to be prepared and you would surely need mentoring as you undertake your review.  There might be areas that you think you know but actually, you have missed or did not fully understand.  Reviewing for the ECDL exam is not just about reading.  The ECDL exam requires applications and the use of computer equipment.  This is the same reason why the ECDL exam is given, to test your computer knowledge and skills.

One good way to test how well your knowledge and skills in computer is undergoing an ECDL sample test.  The ECDL training courses and courseware provide sample test for ECDL candidates.  The ECDL sample test is a tool that will enable you and your trainers to assess your grasp of the 7 modules given during the ECDL exam.  Each module is provided with sample test exercises.  It provides a multiple choice questions and answers to the questions are explained in detail.  This will allow you to check on items that you answered wrongly.  Just like the actual test, your sample test is graded.  An indication of a failing mark means there is more time to be spent on studying on the module.  The passing mark is 75%.  The sample test is made of 32 questions and a candidate should at least get a mark of 27 to be able to meet the passing mark.

Take the ECDL sample test and find out if you are prepared for the ECDL exam.

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