Taking the TOGAF Exam

To be a Certified TOGAF is to pass the examination.  The TOGAF exam is a 2-hour exam and consists of 101 multiple-choice questions.  It is administered by Prometric, a provider for comprehensive testing and assessment designated by The Open Group.  The TOGAF exam may be taken in any authorized Prometric testing center around the world.  To take the exam is to register online using the Prometric website at http://www.prometric.com/OpenGroup.

The coverage topics for the TOGAF examination include the following and their approximate number of questions in percentage:
1. TOGAF 8 Architecture Development Method (ADM) – Process (50%)
2. TOGAF 8 Architecture Development Method (ADM) – Set of Information (25%)
3. TOGAF Foundation Architecture –  with 5% number of questions
4. The Enterprise Continuum – with 8% number of questions 
5. TOGAF and Other Architectures / Frameworks – with 4% number of questions
6. Architecture Governance – with 8% number of questions

In as much as TOGAF is internationally accepted, the cost to take the TOGAF examination are priced according to the value of the currency in specific countries and regions.  In the US, the TOGAF 9 certification cost $400 per exam.  You may wish to contact your registering office to find exactly how much it cost in your area.

The TOGAF examination is a closed book examination.  The result of your examination will be sent to you by Prometric.  If you fail in the examination, you will have to retake the examination after 30 days of the first take.  You will are only allowed to take the same examination for three times with the 12-month period.

There are materials available for individuals to help prepare for the exam. A syllabus will be given to you and use of The Open Group TOGAF Version 8.1 and a Study Guide, which can be purchased to help you out in preparing for the exam.

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