Technology Change Management: Keeping IT Up To Date

With Information Technology changing the way people and organizaiotns make and do
business, the management of IT hardware has become a problem with many companies
who don’t know the proper management of change with technology.  We all know that
change is one of the most significant components of any project and can be a very risky
and sensitive issue in any company.  Technology is just one of the many changes
management will implement in a project.  And resistance to change is a common reaction
of people directly or indirectly affected.  The development of a plan to manage that
resistance is essential in any management change with technology. 

While the process of implementing the change of technology is often well planned, a
disciplined approach to management change with technology is often lacking in many
organizational changes.  For an effective technology change management, a manager
with significant knowledge and strong leadership capabilities to initiate and implement
the change has to be hired.  One of his major responsibilities is to make the employees
understand that while the project may be extremely vague at the start, the ambiguity will
clear up once it has started rolling.

The company has to have clearly defined objectives of the technology change at the
project’s onset and there has to be a commitment from every member of the organization
so that there is a constant stream of communication from top level down to the workforce
and back. 

Management change with technology requires a delicate balance between minimizing or
completely eliminating risk and the exercise of managing assets effectively.  Technology
change management assures that the organization’s technology will always remain secure
and their productivity at its most efficient by doing more with less.

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