Technology Outsourcing: Practical Guides for Small Businesses

One of the challenges of small-businesses is to be able to manage its own information technology infrastructure ranging from e-mail servers, firewalls, and virus protection and computer stations. For a company who has no in-house experts on these matters, this can be a big problem. The obvious solution is to hire experts but this can be very expensive. You can train your in-house staff but these takes time and can be expensive. Moreover, it can also be a source of conflict among your employees as these are additional functions. What can small companies do then? They can look outside the company and consider technology outsourcing.

This set-up is much more affordable and convenient. But companies have to choose the best technology outsourcing company. What should a company look for? First, make sure that the company is offering services that are more preventive and pro-active. This means that the company are concerned to prevent problems and are not just reacting to it. Also, this company shall ensure that your data are backed up, that spyware are always restricted and anti-virus is updated. Second, ask the outsourcing company if they are on-call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If not, a company must find one that offers these services. Third, the company must find out whether the outsource company has good engineers that can regularly check on your systems. Fourth, the company must check on the experiences of the provider. What are the companies that they have served?

A company must make an extra effort to find a good technology outsourcing company that fits to the need of the company. If its possible, a company can avail of a free needs assessment from the outsource company to help in the final decision of choosing a partner.

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