Ten Sample Questions of The CompTIA Braindumps

One of the numerous CompTIA braindumps engines is the MCSEBraindumps.net, which offers various CompTIA braindumps such as for the 220-301 (based on the exam on March 2005) and 220-302. The braindumps 220-301 and 220-302 were submitted by a previous examinee last 2005, and is open for ratings. These dumps are comprised of copious questions with multiple choices, which all concern the CompTIA certifications study. As part of interactive learning, braindumps customers are allowed to submit comments or corrections via the MCSEBraindumps.net Forum. You can get the latest CompTIA certification information by logging into this forum, and post your braindumps discussions as well.

Here are ten sample questions included in braindumps 220-301, which are published on March 10, 2005. The first question is: does the USB port supply power for a device? Secondly, what processor can be used with a motherboard of Slot A socket? Next is: what should is the appropriate step when a fan in the power supply stops functioning? Another question is: what media is appropriate to send 500 MB to 2 GB files? Another one would be: what is the type of motherboard that allows you to turn off the computer via software?

More samples are: How many bits makes up an AGP bus? Give two causes why a monitor displays mostly in green than in normal colors. The eighth question is: in monitor descriptions, what does a 28-dot pitch refer to? The ninth question is: give at least three configuration settings that rest in EEPROMS on NIC. Lastly, give at least two differences between AT and ATX motherboards.
The CompTIA braindumps can help you to determine some topics that you did not encounter in your previous CompTIA studies, and it will provide you sufficient time to review unfamiliar topics.

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