The $13 Billion Business Intelligence Market: No Sign of Let-up

The business intelligence market has been growing continuously throughout the years.  The market for business intelligence applications has reached to almost $13 billion annually and it has lured even the big leaders in the software industry.  This success of the market can be attributed to BI application s increasing popularity among top executives and CEOs of today s business sectors.  Business intelligence technology is being used as the foundation for most strategic corporate planning and direction setting.  Through business intelligence, companies are getting accurate and focused information to grasp every trend of the market as well as the current strength of their own business organization.  In this way, companies that have deployed business intelligence in their operations can get an all-rounded view of the whole business environment and how their companies can adapt to it.

In some studies of the business intelligence market, it has been found out that an increasing number of companies are implementing or about to implement BI applications to their operations.  The urgency for automating the information need of companies has come to the fore especially with the influx of new communication technologies that can serve as an engine for more accurate business intelligence.  Automation of BI capability has been shown to increase corporate productivity, improve the profitability of enterprises, and maintain market dominance in their own niches.  It is no wonder that chief executives and corporate managers are the ones pioneering the implementation of BI technologies because it can definitely enhance the performance of the company and its employees.

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