The 13 Levels of MCP CCNA

A Microsoft Certified Professional (or MCP) refers to anyone who passed the Microsoft Certification exam which aims to assure consistency in technical expertise and proficiency. Examinations that grant MCP status are made so that Microsoft products used around the world can be maintained by MCP accredited individuals.
If you know the benefits of becoming MCP accredited, then you may want to try for the 13 certifications briefly described here.

The MCTS (or Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists) accreditation enables you to target specified technologies and expertise within the range of Microsoft specialized technologies.

The MCITP (or Microsoft Certified IT Professionals) demonstrate skills in deploying, optimizing, planning, supporting and maintaining IT infrastructures of IT.

An MCPD (or Microsoft Certified Developer) is an expert at Windows, Enterprise and Application Development.

A Microsoft Certified Architecture Program practitioner is one who can create architecture solutions based on applied methodology and frameworks.

The MCDST stands for Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technicians. These IT people handle customer service concerns in troubleshooting hardware and software.

An MCLC (or Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant) is devoted to learning and designing solutions.

The MCSA (or Microsoft Certified System Administrators) administers the system environment within Microsoft Windows OS.

MCSE (or Microsoft Certified System Engineers) are responsible for implementing infrastructure solutions in Windows OS.

The MCDBA (or Microsoft Database Administrators) implements, administers and designs the Microsoft SQL Server Database.

MCT or Microsoft Certified Trainers are people who are qualified instructors in training IT personnel.

MCAD or Microsoft Certified Application Developers are responsible for maintaining and developing department-level applications.

MCSD or Microsoft Certified Solution Developers are assigned to finding business solutions using Microsoft development tools, platforms, technologies and MW Architecture.

Lastly, a Microsoft Office Specialist is one who is recognized for his advanced Microsoft skills.

Microsoft is the developer of probably the most recognized operating system (or OS) which is Windows. This is relevant to CCNA since the Windows OS needs to be compatible with the network used. So becoming a certified CCNA passer has benefits since it gives you a lot more knowledge and skill in both the networking and OS industry than someone who has no background in either.

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