The 3 Concrete Benefits of NHS ECDL Portal

The NHS ECDL Portal was inaugurated in March of 2003 to serve as the center for computing excellence and resources of the institution.  After a successful launch, the portal was warmly received by its staff and personnel by enrolling in ECDL services and programs through the portal.  Months of being live, the concrete benefits of the NHS ECDL Portal have been felt by the entire NHS institution.

First the ECDL portal brought enormous financial savings for the NHS.  Savings on its first eight months of operation have reached millions of pounds.  This is due to the decreased cost of taking ECDL training program which could be costly if acquired through third party provider.  The in-house portal gave the employees and staff of NHS a low cost ECDL training alternative. 

Second, the NHS ECDL portal significantly increased computer proficiency of staff and employees.  Because of the low cost trainings, more personnel have taken advantage of the program and studied ECDL modules.  With increasing enrollment, the number of certified computer users also increased.  This resulted to increased productivity of the entire institution due to advanced computer knowledge.

Finally, the study materials provided by the in-house NHS portal was more quality laden than other commercially available ECDL materials.  This resulted to higher percentage of passers which actually reduced the cost of trainings.  The more personnel who can pass the ECDL certification on a single sitting can eliminate the cost of retake and retraining.  So, quality ECDL materials meant quality learning methods which helped produce more ECDL passers.

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