The 3 Major Focus of ISO 9000 Quality Manual

An ISO quality manual is an important document to define the entire quality management systems of companies. This document embodies the major thrust and policies of companies in delivering products and services to their customers. In essence, the quality manual must be aligned with what the customer demands. Answering quality issues that have been raised by stakeholders would form a major part of the quality manual. ISO certification does not have specific format for the quality manual. But it focuses on three major areas of concern.

The first focus is the scope of the quality management systems. The scope is simply the definition of corporate purposes in implementing quality management standards. It can serve as the viewpoint of companies in their definition of management and quality systems. The viewpoint defines how companies think. It is therefore important to include the scope or purpose in the quality manual.

The second focus which should be included in the ISO quality manual is the institution of corporate policy. Policies are corporate tools to achieve their purpose. It can be considered as the engine that drives every corporate endeavor. Policy definition is very important for ISO certification. It shows that the company is dead serious in its effort to upgrade quality management standards and procedures.

The third focus zeroes in on responsibility. On this part of the quality manual, concrete tasks and responsibilities are assigned to specific persons or position. This will ensure compliance of quality management standards. The purposes and policies are all abstract concepts if no one will implement them. That is why responsibility should be included in the ISO quality manual.

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