The activities of Reactive Problem Management

The activities of Reactive Problem Management are similar to those of Incident Management for the logging, categorization and classification for Problems. The subsequent activities are different as this is where the actual root-cause analysis is performed and the Known Error corrected.

Overview of Reactive Problem Management activities:

1. Problem detection
2. Problem logging
3. Problem categorization
4. Problem investigation and diagnosis
5. Workarounds (attached to the Problem or Known Error record)
6. Raising a Known Error record
7. Problem resolution
8. Problem closure
9. Major Problem reviews

Major Problem Review:

After every major problem, while memories are still fresh, a review should be conducted to learn any lessons for the future. Specifically the review should examine:

* Those things that were done correctly
* Those things that were done wrong
* What could be done better in the future?
* How to prevent recurrence
* Whether there has been any third-party responsibility and whether follow-up actions are needed.

Such reviews can be used as part of training and awareness activities for staff – any lessons learned should be documented in appropriate procedures, working instructions, diagnostic scripts or Known Error Records.

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