The Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Blogs as Your PMP Dumps

Let us say you are someone aspiring to become a PMP (or Project Management Professional), and you
are looking for some PMP dumps (or brain dumps as they are also known) to help you prepare for the
PMP accreditation process and exam. Would any blogs be useful as your PMP dumps?

It would depend on the proficiency level of the person who created these blogs in the first place. The
biggest disadvantage with a PMP dump or PMP brain dump is that you are limited by the intelligence
level and skill sets of the person who wrote the material. This means that if the creator had a so-so mark
on the PMP exam and is a mediocre Project Management Professional, it would probably be a bad idea
to use his experience as your benchmark for training for your own accreditation exam. But if you choose
someone who is a very good Project Management Professional (as proven by his work records and his
PMP exam score, then it might be a good idea to use the blogs of that person to help you along too.

But, with the content of blogs (and this applies to all content of all blogs), you have to take the information
supplied with a grain of salt: is this person telling the truth? You only have the word of the writer as your
basis, so (unless you personally know this writer) you have to sieve through the advice of the person on
his blog to find out what rings true and what sounds illogical and downright untrue.

This is also why some experts denounce the use of brain dumps altogether and advocate use of legitimate
(albeit more expensive) PMP preparation material instead.

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