The Advantage of Attending CMMI Conference

Annual CMMI conference is an important event for management professionals and others involved in the implementation of CMMI applications.  Business and industry leaders, top management thinkers, and software developers normally grace the conference.  This is a gathering where the best practices of CMMI are crystallized and new methodologies are introduced.  New systems engineering applications are also introduced during CMMI conferences.

The chief agenda of CMMI conference is to exchange knowledge about CMMI concepts and theories.  Conferences are also venues for evaluating top performers of CMMI implementations and validating it the best practices can serve as models for CMMI compliance.  CMMI conferences therefore are gatherings which will elevate current practices to the levels of accepted standards.   Needles to say, these conferences bring together brilliant management theorists as well as practitioners in order to build the CMMI body of knowledge.

During a CMMI conference, the proceedings normally follow common conference flow.  However, the unique characteristic of CMMI conference is the provision for open forum discussions.  The discussions could be clarifications on the papers presented or some can counter argue and posit their own conceptual analysis.  Through this exchange of idea, new CMMI concepts can be formed which can be used by companies for their own CMMI implementations.

Another emphasis of CMMI conference is the struggle to develop new strategies and approaches of CMMI.  When new strategies are discovered, it could be proposed in the body as an innovative framework for CMMI implementations.  With these benefits, companies should sponsor their managers in attending such conferences.

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