The Advantages of Attending Enterprise Architecture Conferences

Like architecture summit, the enterprise architecture conferences provide great knowledge value for practitioners of corporate architecture.  These conferences are conducted regularly to update the skills and capabilities of practitioners in the different aspects of enterprise architecture.  Unlike a summit however, enterprise architecture conferences are relatively smaller and focused.  It usually tackles a very specific topic or theme that relates to current practices of enterprise architecture.

Some enterprise architecture conferences are more like seminars where a resource speaker will discuss a dedicated topic.  Topics usually are designed to enhance the specific competencies of the enterprise architect such as design, basic modeling, analysis and performance, and data integration.  Current market trends can also be addressed in the enterprise architecture conferences.  The information that can be acquired through these conferences could certainly enhance the skills and capabilities of the enterprise architect.

Most enterprise architecture conferences are held in Europe, North America, and Australia.  These regions have the most robust enterprise architecture market as well as the most number of architecture practitioners.  Most enterprise architecture organizations and independent professional institutions sponsor these conferences.  If an enterprise architect is a member of any professional organization, announcement for these events are coursed through their organization s website.  Some institutions on the other hand conduct regular seminars and conferences which can be booked months before it takes place. 

These conferences can certainly improve the practice of enterprise architecture.  Architects must take advantage of enterprise architecture conferences to sharpen their architectural skills and to keep themselves updated on the developments of the profession.

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