The Advantages of CBT CCNA Training

Computer Based Training (or CBT) is a type of education where a student takes up learning in front of a computer through a special program made for his convenience. CBT is effective especially for computer education and knowledge application because the program can be integrated into the learning process and applied as the student goes through it.

However, growth of CBT has suffered since it requires quite a lot of resources. Vast amounts of human resources are needed to create the CBT program while a lot of hardware resource should be used to run CBT.
This hampers the growth of the CBT program.

Most PC applications now come with some pre-set type of CBT that is called the tutorial. With the significant growth of PCs, and the increase of the computing powers of PCs and CD-ROMs, the CBT has now become the most reliable source of training for individuals and corporations. In fact, CBT has become a reliable option for everyone.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (or CCNA) form of accreditation is known to people who are familiar with networking. But as we go about our busy lives, there are those who are only interested in learning through
CBT since they lack the time to enroll and learn more through time-consuming educational channels.

CBT serves as the most convenient way to learn CCNA for a student who can only use his leisure time, so that he can choose what is most convenient for his learning. Learning CCNA via CBT is as effective as signing up
for a class and spares you the inconvenience a class may entail. With CBT, you just remain within the comfort and luxury of your home and learn during your preferred or available time.

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