The Advantages of having Access with MCDST Newsgroups

As we all know, taking a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician examination requires that you have all available resources right in front of you.  These resources may be difficult to find at a certain point but it is necessary to find and have one.  You may, at a certain point, be spending a handful of amount just so you can avail of these resources.  Others come in free just like the free access to MCDST newsgroups. 

MCDST Newsgroups are essentially free via the Internet.  What you basically need to do is to locate these newsgroups and register your account when necessary.  There are known newsgroup sites that you can visit and access.  But what advantages do newsgroups bring to you.  The following enlisted items are some of the known advantages:

a. With newsgroups you are actually discussing and debating on subject matter where all participants are interested or inclined to using the topic that is being discussed.  This makes the input of information funneled correctly and essentially.  Therefore,  no information shall be considered less vital and unimportant. 
b. With newsgroups, you can ask a specific question and get the most intelligent answer right away due to the presence of a moderator that acts as a channel between and among the newsgroups members.
c. With newsgroups, there is the availability of the freshest and most up to date information that may directly or indirectly impact the area of interest that you have; making you updated with the latest happenings in your area of expertise and specialization.

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