The Advantages of Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft business intelligence offers a complete suite of business intelligence software package that has the ability to organize and distribute information across every network and organization of a company.  The Microsoft business intelligence suite can give effective solution for quick and economical information access, analysis, and deliveries to further enhance the performance and competitiveness of companies.

The business intelligence software solution of Microsoft Corporation can deliver information based on three important corporate metrics.  These include, information warehousing and database creation, user-friendly reporting and accurate analytics, and delivery of performance measures needed to grasp the current corporate strengths and capabilities.  All these aspects could give companies the necessary leverage to consolidate its operations through perusal of critical information and its delivery to intended users.  This will certainly improve also the decision making processes of companies making it more productive and responsive to corporate and consumer needs.  In a way, information access, analysis, and deliveries, can greatly enhance the ability of companies to make sound decisions that are timely and accurate.  Furthermore, the ability to grasp and comprehend delivered information increases the confidence of executives in making crucial decisions and implementing corporate plans of actions.

The business intelligence suite provided by Microsoft offers an alternative to stand alone applications and other business intelligence packages.  However the Microsoft business intelligence platform could gain an advantage because the protocols and operations associated with the software is compatible with every Microsoft software solutions.  This makes the BI suite easily comprehensible even to first time users because it uses the familiar environment created by Microsoft.

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