The Advantages of Open Source Enterprise Content Management

It is not a secret that enterprise content management solutions are expensive applications.  Companies may devote significant investments in money, time, and human resources in order to deploy an effective enterprise content management solution.  The investments though can be very rewarding as companies can surely achieve efficiency due to the ECM applications.  And in any industry, efficiency of operations are critical to the success of the enterprise.

Companies however can benefit from open source enterprise content management application.  Open source ECM is free and can be customized because the source code of the software is provided to the user.  This is ideal for companies that want to try ECM application.  Open source ECM is also ideal for start up companies that do not have enough resources to spend for the full deployment of enterprise content management.

The open source ECM is an easy to use application.  That’s because these types of programs are developed through community effort.  It means the software architecture was developed through years of actual practice by other content management professionals.  That is why even some established companies prefer open source content management solutions because of their ease of use.  This reduces the need for trainings and familiarization.  Users can also benefit from the simple interface which could certainly enhance productivity.

Open source ECM however lacks solid technical support. So for first time ECM administrators, they will have to do lots of studies and review their skills in content management applications.  But there are lots of ECM forums and online communities that can provide excellent support to their fellow forum members.

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