The Advantages of Using WordPress Google Sitemap

The reason of creating blogs is to reach potential readers and increase the blogsite’s traffic. Almost all bloggers will agree that these are the primary concerns of creating blogs. However, creating catchy titles, writing posts with relevant keywords, or building more links are not enough to have better search engine optimization. Tools are there to help blogsites have more readers through crawling. Even WordPress needs this. Good thing there is the WordPress Google Sitemap tool to make everything at ease.

WordPress Google Sitemap is utilized to inform Google about the updates on a certain blogsite. This tool helps in generating XML files found in the blog directory. It can detect changes in the homepage, static pages, posts, archive pages, and categories. The changes in the XML file are automatically detected and the WordPress Google Sitemap informs Google about the changes.

As its creator said, the WordPress Google Sitemap ideally gives an added view or traffic to a blogsite. Although it is similar to crawling, Google Sitemap is not made to replace the normal crawling method. Actually, whether the user chooses a WordPress Google Sitemap or not, the changes in his blogsite will always be detected, however, the process may be longer. And so, most bloggers choose to use WordPress Google Sitemap.

Those who want to use this tool do not actually need a detailed guide on how to do it. The user-friendly nature of WordPress Google Sitemap is already a guarantee that anyone who uses it can certainly enjoy the potential power of the tool even without an extra hand.

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