The All New MS SQL Server 2008 Service Pack

The all new MS SQL Server 2008 which aims at driving a management of database and files that is reliant on its characteristics and feature to organize, tune, and maintain its own large scale databases and records was released just recently (August 6, 2008, to be exact!).  The development of the always-on technology that led to an almost null downtime made it possible for the MS SQL Server 2008 to easily penetrate the consuming public’s interest.

The MS SQL Server 2008 codenamed Katmai has a feature to support both the structured and the not-so-structured data element.  The support for both data elements include digitized media solely formatted for multimedia components such as audio, video, pictures, and other sorts.  In the previous versions, the support for these multimedia components is only possible when you store them as binary large objects or as BLOB files.  The Katmai is a revolutionary SQL software as it is seen as a backend repository mechanism for variety of types of data which are not limited only to the following:  Extensible markup language data, e-mail data, file documents, and spatial data types.  

The MS SQL Server 2008 Service Pack is a full packed database software that is driven by the most up to date technologies.  The service pack included on this new SQL version clearly indicates how robust and powerful this database software is going to be. With the inclusion of the spatial data type on the supported files that SQL Server 2008 permitted, it is pretty obvious that the consuming public shall see this as a major pull.  

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