The Anatomy of DJ Mashups

We are all aware that one of the major classifications of mashup is the audio or the music mashup.  As what the name basically implies, audio or music mashup refers to the kind of fusing more than one music or audio file in order to come up with a single, solid mashup audio file.

One of the more developments that surround the mashup industry is the presence of the DJ mashup.  A DJ mashup or a disc jock mashup is a person that is solely responsible in mixing and fusing more than one culture of music and diverse forms of sounds in order to come up with a single music mashed up file. 

A lot of people are engaging in DJ mashup because these people have the great passion and interest in the fusion of varied music types.  Not only that, there are also a lot of people who seem very interested with how these music files are being fused and merged which leads to having a so many websites that are offering mashed up audio or music files. 

So, what is basically the thing required in order to become a DJ mashup?  Are there specific qualifications? 

Certainly, there are qualifications and best of all these qualifications may not be as complex and as intricate as how you may perceive them to be.  To become a DJ mashup, all you basically need is to have the right ear to know what sort of music file is best and capable of being fused and merged.  From there, all of these things that you need in order to become a disc jock are practically going to form part in the creation of a better DJ mashed up music file.

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