The Application of the Sharepoint software on ECM

The employment of an application software to easily facilitate a process is a well-received idea in the computing industry and in the business arena.  The idea of fusing the technological tools with the business processes have long been entertained but because there is a scarcity, or to be conservative, a limitation in the production of technological tools and instruments to make this vision possible, the fusion has been derailed.  

Now, that the software and hardware vendors are aggressively taking the challenge of successfully fusing the technological tools with the business process need of generally of the organization,  this long time “spoiled” vision is finally being realized.  One leading company that tries to make this vision a realization is the Microsoft Company.  Microsoft has been producing and creating apparently software tools that are answers to the business needs of the capitalizing industry.  One prominent development is the creation of an integrated enterprise content management tool by employing the Sharepoint software.  Sharepoint software is an application software produced by Microsoft that is capable of making things easier for you and your company.  Specifically, the below written are the capabilities of the Sharepoint software:

a.    The work is capable of being performed in a collaborate manner.  Sharepoint has a feature that allows for a group of people to work in sync with one another effectively.  They can collaborately publish their documents and fully work on the workflow efficiently.  
b.    The software has the capability to develop and create a personalized portal so that there is an easy sharing of information from among the various types of people in the organization.  

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