The Apps Files in the Web 2.0 Platform

The Web 2.0 platform is one big engine system which engine parts are joined together to come up with a working as designed mechanism.  These engine parts are substantially functional as they perform a specific function relevant to the whole design of the platform.  These engine parts are sometimes referred to as the application files or shorter, the apps files of the Web 2.0 platform.

The apps files of the Web 2.0 are relatively those which are deemed instrumental on how to create a total new look on the webpage that is being created using this platform.  These tools which are not delimited to this section are what we refer to as the formatting tools.  These formatting tools may encompass the apps file that directly work with how the graphical side is being made or how the text and font styles are being changed or the color that you put on the site and its contents.  These are application files that are deemed essential in making a total package for the website. 

Some of these application files that are present on the Web 2.o platform are out of the main engine and are usually found on a third party application such as Microsoft products. This is basically designed in order to allow for more application files to work compatibly with the Web 2.0 platform.  In essence, this gives the user of the platform more choices to choose from without being limited to what the platform can provide.  This is a move that allows for diversity and dynamism to practically exist. 

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