The Art of Service Leads the Way in New Enterprise Virtualization, SaaS and Cloud Computing Training

The first of five new courses were this week launched by The Art of Service to complement its existing range of IT Service Management and ITIL® courses. The first “2 Day Course: Cloud Computing, Managing Services that are in the Cloud – The ITIL® Service Management Way” was delivered to a group of Senior IT Managers who rated the course Very Good to Excellent:

  •   “There is a lot more to Cloud Computing than initial thoughts. It is another “delivery mechanism”. Success comes from structured processes and management.”

  •  “I found this an extremely valuable experience to assist my understanding of Cloud Computing concepts; issues and the processes needed to develop successful migration strategies or implement Cloud Computing solutions”

  •  “The 3 most useful things I have learnt on this course were Service Level Management, Positioning of cloud Computing and seeing opportunities for use in our organsation.”

  •  “Overall, very good learnable, easy to understand and relevant”

In addition to the sold out Brisbane course, the course runs in Melbourne (AUS): 23-24 October, Brisbane (AUS): 27-28 October, Sydney (AUS): 30-31 October, Los Angeles (USA): 11-12 November.

Ivanka Menken, Executive Director said: “Lately there is a lot of media exposure on Cloud computing, ‘on demand computing’ and virtualization. Most of the presentations and articles focus on the technical side of it – presenting the newest generation of VMware or the way virtualization of servers can be organised. But, what about the other side of the story?

How do you manage the continuity of the services that make use of could computing… how do you ensure consistency in service levels? How do you choose the best provider of your ‘on demand computing’ services? And that doesn’t even touch on Information security – an important side of any IT services, especially when it uses the cloud for part of the delivery.

We felt it was an important step to enable us to become a more rounded organisation in terms of It Service Management Solutions. Expectations on all of us are increasing and this course gives our clients that additional knowledge to show we are a progressive organisation.”

The Art of Service is widening the range of courses it offerss to ensure that courses are available when their clients need them. Industry changes such as new regulations, practices and technological advances are incorporated into much of the existing courses. However, the new courses introduced provide a new range of skills that applies to company directors through to operatives.

“With the right training, staff will feel more confident, satisfied, self-reliant and actively communicate more effectively. Introducing and implementing Virtualization and Cloud Computing training programmes will have a ripple effect throughout a company, thus improving morale, retention, efficiency and productivity”, said Ivanka Menken, Executive Director, “Practical Education is at the heart of The Art of Service”

For further information on The Art of Service’s virtualization, SaaS and Cloud Computing course visit

Melbourne (AUS): 23-24 October

Brisbane (AUS): 27-28 October

Sydney (AUS): 30-31 October

Los Angeles (USA): 11-12 November

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