The Audio+: A Revolutionary Podcasting Tool

How a podcast is made depends on some toolkits that usually come in the form of a software.  These software programs are the machine driven things that make the whole podcasting process totally dependent.  However, this dependence of the podcast process to software programs is greatly compensated. It has allowed podcasting to remain popular and continuously powerful in dominating the online industry.  

The first podcast that was developed was concentrated on producing a voice or audio file.  This was so because the software that was used to create the podcast was solely focused in yielding audio.  Considerably, the features that the software used was pre-dominantly supporting audio output only.  However, as technology ages, more and more software packages are being developed as a response to the growing demands of the public—the podcasters.

The Audio+ software came into existence.  Now, with this software, you can enhance further your podcasts by incorporating images and videos on the audio file. The Audio+ was created and developed by the software expert Mike Versteeg.  Mike is a great fan of both music and video.  As such, he made a way to bridge the gap between having music and all at the same time a video on it.  

Best of all, the Audio+ software is capable of being created using the Windows OS platform.  This is an entirely something new to the podcasting world  as the previous podcasts developed were only capable of being made via the MAC OS.  The Audio+ is also compatible to work with some other known relative software programs such as Castblaster, a podcast maker that is also supported by Windows platforms.

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