The Audio Player that Works with WordPress

One of the things that come best with a web log is an embedded audio file that plays while the web log is finishing its loading.  WordPress is fully aware of this feature that is why it has included on its designed structure the audio plug in and player.  

An audio player is capable of providing the user an easy way to insert MP3 files on any WordPress entry or post.  The audio player that runs compatible with WordPress includes specifically designed features such as color palette configurable to the personal desire of the user, runtime feature such as automatically starting a music and loop playing of  music files.  

The installation of the audio player is very simple and easy.  All you need to do is to check the admin panel on your WordPress and basically activate the plug-in and click on the audio player to configure it based on your own preference as a user.  

One of the things that one should remember about the worpdress audio player is that it is not accepting any other file formats except for MP3.  This is one of the limitations of the Adobe Flash Player.  Apart from that, it is to be remembered, too, that the audio player is not capable of reading streaming audio and playlist even when they were made as MP3 files.  Lastly, the audio player that comes with WordPress is not capable of being placed on the sidebar.  It is only capable of working within each post and page.  

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