The Average Salary of a CCIE

The CCIE is not just a simple job which people can freely say that it s nothing but a piece of cake. The CCIE is a very complex job which entails a lot of preparation and experience. Being technically educated is not enough grounds to say that one is indeed proficient enough to be considered for a related job. Working experience and CCIE certification are two of the most important things which are also being considered.

For this reason, it s not that hard to see why the CCIE average salary remains to be among the highest within the IT profession. It has been reported that a CCIE s average salary is pegged at $96,870 on an annual basis. Because of these, CCIE have led the pack of highest paid certified professionals working within the information technology field.

The CCIE average salary is deemed at an all-time high because of the technicality of the specialization. The CCIE certification is not for just for the heck of it, so to speak. It is only taken in by individuals who have great confidence in both their accumulated experience as well as their current knowledge when it comes to operating the entire Cisco environment. The work of a CCIE is highly technical, which is why it s a bit difficult to find rightful candidates for the position. So to help the recruitment process become a rather swift method, companies offer competitive remunerations for CCIE certified applicants. In effect, big salaries are then attributed to the CCIE profession.

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