The Basics About the Online Help Desk

When IT customer require precise information, data and documents
(especially if they are new end users), network service provider came
up with the so-called Online Help Desk (OHD) system. This system is
used to cater to the demands of and answer questions of clients, and
resolve problems such as error codes which they may encounter. The
OHD was designed for a specific user group which is why it maintains
a distinct set of performance objectives and has a clear-cut purpose.
The Performance Support System (PSS), also called the OHD, was made specifically so that actual usage by most system users would match the ideal optimal system usage expected.

The OHD encompasses very useful elements such as databases,
tools and documentation so that new users could deal with
information access needs and other production-oriented goals. To clarify
further what the performance support system is about – it is not
meant for training; rather, it is an aid to improve performance. The
customer will be guided as to the support services he can expect
based on the current support and maintenance agreement provided.

Due to the higher level of demand for Internet-based information
access in the market, the small size of the market cannot guarantee
the effective and efficient use of resources.

The emphasis of a PSS is on understanding cognitive tools rather than
training. It is up to the utility to choose which user-related
information can contribute towards understanding by the technical
support staff of the resources provided to them. There is a
relationship between OHD and instruments known as prosthetic tools which are geared for use by the UCD community in the area. Such tools help the online desk to use
the make page utility that the new users rely on to create for home


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