The Basics of CMMI Appraisal

The CMMI appraisal method is designed to ensure the quality and accuracy of the CMMI technology in order to further improve its use and encourage more users.  An appraisal program for CMMI is supervised by the SEI.  The institute created modules and programmatic approaches on how to assess the implementation and impact of CMMI to the business process.  In fact the SEI has developed the Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) in order to provide a set module for the determination of the correctness of CMMI implementations. 

There are two products which can be used to appraise CMMI implementation.  The first is the CMMI Appraisal Requirements which list the important criteria and requirements for a successful implementation.  It can benchmark any company’s drive toward CMMI deployment thus providing a valuable guideline for its overall implementation.  The other product is the SCAMPI version which is the comprehensive tool for appraisal. 

The SEI has designated lead appraisers which can be tapped by institutions and companies for this purpose.  These are professional experts on CMMI and can offer accurate evaluation of CMMI solutions implementations.  The services of lead appraisers can be requested through the SEI office.  However, companies can also opt to develop and train their own CMMI lead appraisers. This is made possible by the SEI appraisal training program.  Companies are allowed to train their own personnel through SEI approved training centers for acquiring CMMI appraisal skills.  These trained appraisers therefore can perform critical evaluation work for their company’s CMMI implementation.

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