The Basics of CMMI

The CMMI or Capability Maturity Model Integration is a process improvement method that offers companies or organizations with fundamental components of effectual developments. CMMI models refer to CMMI the published documents on the practical applications of CMMI with each model dealing with various subjects or area of interest. Development and acquisition are the two identified areas of interest that CMMI takes in.

The objective of the CMMI endeavor is mainly to enhance the usability function of those maturity models through the integration of distinct models into a single structure. While several members of SEI (Software Engineering Institute), government, and industry have initially created the CMMI project, it was mainly sponsored by the National Defense Industrial Association and OSD (Office of the Secretary of Defense).

As a forerunner of process enhancement, the CMMI effort gives the most up to date best practices in terms of service and product development and upkeep. The many CMMI models significantly improve in various ways the practical applications among those previous models. Specifically, CMMI best practices allow organization to: 1) ensure customer satisfaction by widening the range and prominence of the organization’s engineering activities and the lifecycle of its products or services; 2) create a more clear relation of the organization’s management and engineering activities to its business objectives; 3) carry out more sound and relevant high-maturity CMMI applications; 4) integrate lessons learnt from the added areas of CMMI’s best practices, such as risk management, supplier management, and measurement); 5) take up further organizational tasks vital to its products and services; and 6) obtain more effusive compliance with the pertinent ISO standards.

Overall, the CMMI enables any organization implementing this method to its broad structural system by mainly improving the quality of its processes and therefore producing only the best quality products and services.

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