The Basics of CompTIA A+ Certification

Among the numerous certifications being offered by CompTIA, the A+ certification is considered to be the most basic one.

In a nutshell, the A+ CompTIA certification is considered to e a vendor-neutral test which aims to evaluate an IT professionals knowledge regarding various hardware that make up the computer as well as its necessary operating systems. It actually spans both hands-on and theoretical knowledge and skills which the examinee may have acquired through time.

The exam for getting a CompTIA A+ certification involves knowledge on basic installation and troubleshooting of computers. It also tests ones ability to diagnose computer conditions and to protect it from other known threats. It may also include important keys on how adept one is when it comes to domain related issues like safety and security. On its exam contents, basic yet necessary knowledge in conducting networking as well as awareness of environmentally related issues are also put to the test.

Since the CompTIA A+ certification involves both hands-on and theoretical expertise, training courses are also being offered for aspiring test takers. There are actually lots of institutions nowadays which offer effective courses both done online and offline, depending on the test takers preference. These programs can provide you with the necessary instructions as well as CompTIA A+ manuals which most people will find very useful when undergoing certification exams. Though these programs usually come with a price, some institutions offer affordable discounts for CompTIA members.

A CompTIA A+ certification is very important because it lays the foundations for further advanced certifications being conducted by the CompTIA. If one wishes to avail of other certifications offered by the Association, the CompTIA A+ certification is the first hurdle to go through before advancing onto the next level.


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