The Basics of Management: People, Performance, Change

No matter which type of industry your business is under, your upper management team should be able to take control of three things: people, performance and change. A manager should be able to apply his or her leadership skills to ensure that a person or a group of people are working towards a particular goal. Let us take a closer look at the three things that a manger should be able to handle.

First, management involves handling people. If you are in an advertising firm, for example, and you are in charge of a creative team composed of ten individuals, what are you supposed to do to properly manage the team so that you can come up with a good ad campaign? Primarily, what you need to do is make sure that each member understands their responsibility. Taking the team as a whole, you need to disclose your goal so that each individual is aware of what should be accomplished. Second, management involves supervising your team’s performance. This will test your motivational and leadership skills. As a good leader, you should be able to persuade people to see things your way, and do their best to accomplish the goals that you have set forth as a team. Finally, management involves handling change – which is your ability to relay information about changes in business procedures, changes in the corporate structure or any changes that may relate to individual behavior. By knowing how to properly manage people, performance and change, you can easily make a smooth transition from being a small business to the huge company that you envision it to be in the future.


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