The Benefits of Getting MCSE NT Certifications

Some IT professionals consider the MCSE NT certifications as a retired Microsoft credentials because most of the exams associated with it are no longer available.  It means that Microsoft has discontinued giving certification exams on some topics needed to get an MCSE certification for Windows NT operating system and Windows NT Server edition.  However this does not mean that the MCSE for NT certification has no redeeming value.  IT professionals who have taken NT server engineering and operating system courses can still take available exams related to it.  This could add to the Microsoft certified professionals credentials.

There are also very useful examination tracks that can be taken related to MCSE for Windows NT.  One such topic is the application of NT systems migration to Windows 2000 Server Systems.  Another important facet of MCSE NT certification is the administration and management of SQL Server 6.5 and design of database systems associated with it.  Important TCP/IP Internetworking using NT technology can also be taken especially those working as networking analysts and Internet security technicians.

The MCSE NT certifications can be very useful for IT specialists working on companies that are still using NT environments.  The Microsoft certifications will certainly enhance the technical capabilities of systems engineers especially in the management or migrations of NT platform to Windows 2000.  As with other MCSE certifications, IT professionals should prepare thoroughly when taking the MCSE NT exams.  The exams require actual experience on database and systems administration and design as well as important networking concepts using the NT platform.

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