The Benefits of Having an Agreement Level Service: A Strategy Worth Keeping

It is but a very strategic move to pair up with another company that shares the same vision and offers almost similar services to its prospective market. This will not only widen your marketability range as far as the products and services being offered are concerned, but it will also make way for new goals to achieve and meet, an indication that your company is indeed moving forward toward success. But then again, it is also a very important rule to come up with an agreement level service just to make sure that certain expectations were set so as to avoid conflicts in the future, indeed a win-win situation to both parties.

The agreement should encompass all the things that define the factors that can contribute to the success of the business. Some factors are the following:

(a) Definition of Services: describes the services to be rendered and the manner on how these services are to be delivered. The information of the service should be accurate and detailed as this is the most critical portion of the agreement.
(b)Performance Management: deals with the monitoring and measuring of service level performance to make sure that conditions are being followed and standards / targets are being met.
(c) Problem Management: recognizes the possible problems or threats that may be encountered and specifies a preventive activity to reduce such occurrences.
(d) Customer Duties and Responsibilities: defines the role of the customer in the service delivery process.
(e) Security: both parties should comply with the confidentiality of information to abide by the security policies and procedures as mandated by the agreement itself.


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