The Benefits of Using Debian VMware Application

Debian is a freeware open source operating system that runs on a Linux kernel developed along the principles of the GNU project.  A user can install this in a workstation using Windows operating system without necessarily altering the partition and the boot system sequence of the host machine.  This can be made possible through the Debian VMware virtual appliance installation on the host operating system.  This means the Debian VMware virtual appliance will run as one of the window of the host operating system.  It can give users full functionality of the Linux distribution while at the same time maintaining the original OS installation of the host machine.  This virtualization of two workstations in a single host can fully optimize the performance of the desktop system.

Installing the Debian Etch VMware application is also easy.  It’s much like installing a stand along application the current operating system.  A user can download either a full gnome or a minimal gnome desktop Debian VMware.  These applications are freeware and readily available on the Internet.  Because of its big file size, it would be faster to download it through BitTorrent.  It comes in a zip file or compressed format.  After unzipping the files, it can now be installed as a virtual appliance on the host Windows operating system by following the instruction dialog boxes.

The Debian VMware virtual appliance is a very useful application which can enable Windows users to switch between operating system.  This maximizes the capabilities of the workstation because it can now run different programs written for different platforms.  This is ideal for enterprise as well as home use. 

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