The Benefits of Using SQL Server JDBC

SQL Server is implemented as a relational database management system. This means that this Microsoft offering works according to a relational model wherein data are stored in table form and their relationships are stored in tables as well. Data is retrieved based on a query that describes what data is needed. And this query would typically be expressed in SQL specifically the T-SQL. Companies utilize SQL Server in their database management. However, many of these companies use Java to run their applications as well. This is where the use of JDBC comes in. SQL Server JDBC is the API that implements a standard means of accessing data through applications running on Java. And because JDBC is the standard, there is no need to write a separate application to gain access from other database systems. Using the JDBS actually results to the need for only one application because JDBC allows it to send SQL statements to various different systems. JDBC defines a set of Java interfaces that covers all major functionalities of a database. And since Java is used to write JDBC any platform will allow the applications to work. It also provides a natural Java interface for handling SQL. In terms of user authentication, a good SQL Server JDBC would be one that will allow both Microsoft SQL Server and Windows authentication. This way SQL Server will be able to share the Windows authentication and users will not need a separate login. This is beneficial in so much that Windows authentication actually provides a more secure way to log into the Microsoft SQL Server.

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