The Benefits of Virtualization

Many computer experts are seeing the important contribution of virtualization in the field of computing industry.   This has generally made some of the more complicated processes in the computer world a lot easier and less tedious.  Below are some of the benefits and reasons why one should learn to appreciate and like virtualization:

a. With virtualization, you can actually create and consolidate your servers.  With the virtual machines that are able to be created thru this technology, every server that is within the set-up can act as the virtual machine either as a guest machine or the host machine. 
b. With virtualization, you can avoid if not totally eliminate the crashing of your system – the computer system and the operating systems.  You can create a virtual machine that you use to perform experimentation without damaging the real resource of virtual process. Same goes thru with your operating system, you can actually create many other virtual OS while safeguarding your real operating system from any further damage. 
c. You can create portable workplace and workspace using virtualization.  Plus, virtualization allows you to create portable applications that you want without any hassle. This is more evident during the time that you would want to run an application that is saved and deposited on your portable drive.  With the virtualization technology, you can actually encapsulate the application software on your portable drive pushing a reroute on the redirection phase where most of your temporary files are stored.
d. You can use virtualization during your running and testing phase of the system.  As we all know, all parts of the computer system are very critical and essential.  There are things that you do not want to damage from it.  Virtualization can actually save you from creating any damage with your resources.

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