The Best ECM Solution Providers

The boom in the enterprise content management market has paved the way for the creation of many ECM companies providing different ECM solutions. There is no doubt about it since almost all businesses and organizations are in need of managing their different contents. In short, there is a big demand for ECM solutions. And so, many companies have emerged to answer these needs. But with the many ECM solution providers available in the market, which among them are considered to be the best?

For now, there are three primary independent vendors of ECM solutions. These are the Vignette, Interwoven, and Open Text. Each of these companies has its own edge against the other and its offering ECM solutions can never be compared to the other two. However, in terms of customer base and revenue, the best among the primary independent vendors is the Open Text.

Also, other independent ECM analysts named Open Text as among the market leaders in the ECM industry. Other companies in the list are the EMC, Oracle Corporation, and the IBM.

Meanwhile, there are new existing ECM solution providers that also service third party documents as well as image viewers. Included to the list are the MS Technology, LEAD Technologies, and the Accusoft. There are also ECM companies that provide workflows that are not in other famous ECM solution providers. These are the Office Gemini, docAssist, and SpringCM. There are also companies now that can provide different plugins for the ECMs.

The boom of Web 2.0 has also led to the creation of new ECM market players like the EchoSign and Koral.

With the continuous demand for ECM solutions, there will certainly be continuous development in the ECM companies, making the list for the best ECM solution providers bigger and better.

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